My name is Fraser Lewry
I do web stuff and word stuff

I work for Future plc at Louder. I'm the online editor of Classic Rock Magazine, and I freelance for Prog and Metal Hammer.

I'm a former Little Printer evangelist at Berg, Digital Editor at The Word Magazine, Head of Music at Xfm, record shop employee and roadie. I was A&R Manager for The Cure and appeared in one of their videos, dressed as a cowboy. I danced in a Primal Scream video. I've DJ'd at a Beastie Boys party. They never showed up.

I used to write a somewhat bizarre cooking column for The Observer, invented a briefly popular kitten website (it appeared twice on The Colbert Report, honest), and co-wrote a book.

I've also written for the New Statesman and Saga Magazine.

I used to write a blog, a runner-up in the Guardian blog awards described by Web User Magazine as the third-best weblog in the world. I have rather neglected the damn thing ever since.

I like other places. I've been to North Korea four times. I've travelled from London to Tehran by train, and shared snuff with a Mongolian nomad. I've almost been arrested in Turkmenistan, and undergone radon therapy at a Soviet-style health spa in Tajikistan. I attended Barack Obama's inauguration.

And in 2020, after 35 years in a city of 10 million, I moved to a small town on New Zealand's South Island, where I write the occasional thing for the Oamaru Mail. You'd like it here. We have penguins.

I write most days. Some of it's OK. You'll find the latest at Muckrack.

I'm on Twitter. Contact me by email if you want